4. The Valentine's Day Project Disaster

ISBN 9781511697583 (248 pages)
February 14, 2016
Ages 9-12
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Released February 14, 2016

The biggest problem with success is that people always expect more from you, thought Amanda. She stared hard at the folded piece of paper sitting on the desk in front of her, hoping it would just go away. Why did I say yes? She wondered. I must have been crazy! We do a couple projects, and now they want me to do this?

She cautiously poked at it again with the end of her pencil, like it was a bomb about to go off. She flicked at the crumpled edge of the paper, those terrible words hidden just out of sight but taunting her nonetheless.

Finally, she could take it no more. She put down the pencil and grasped the paper with shaking hands. Why did I agree to run this thing? What do I know about this stuff, anyway?

With agonizing slowness, Amanda opened up the paper to once again read those terrible words, the words that she had committed to. The thing she had promised to do.

Yes, no problem, Ms Moldiva. Sure! It’ll be fun!

In large, bold letters at the top of the crinkled sheet of paper were the words:

Wanted: Organizer for Valentine’s Day School Dance.

Amanda’s shuddered. It’s going to be a disaster!


Join the Project Kids in their fourth big adventure as they come together to organize the Valentine’s Day dance at A. J. Wilkins Intermediate School. Along with the challenges of tackling their biggest project yet, an age-old question will test them to their limits. Will cupid strike the Project Kids - or even worse - pass them by?

Parent/Teacher Note:

The fourth project is their biggest one yet, and the most varied and complex. In addition to planning the dance as a project, they will need to learn how to develop relationships and improve their communication skills as they engage with the whole school. They will learn how to positively influence others, and some tips on how to face up to bullies along the way.


"Well written story with a parent's eye, a child’s language and a professional’s keenness on simplification and comprehension. A must-have in your library if you want your child to start thinking project management automatically! As an author, parent and project management professional, I enjoyed the reading from cover to cover. Thanks Gary!"
Fairooz Tamimi, Award Winning Novelist and PMP

"The Valentine’s Day Project Disaster strongly demonstrates that with the right tools and processes students are capable of far more than we expect of them. Project management, people management, and time management are all skills that can be learned and Gary Nelson teaches those skills through engaging characters, situations, and story lines. Young or old, The Valentine’s Day Project Disaster is a fun way to learn how to bring an idea to life!"
Kris Beisel,  Director - Educational Alliances, Destination Imagination, Inc.

"With this book you can make the best Valentine’s Day Dance at your school – ever! But watch out for Pimple Pete!"
Sienna Burns (Age 10)

"While everyone knows Project Managers should be professionally detached from their stakeholders, it can be really difficult when you are only 12 - and Valentine's Day is involved! The Project Kids face a big challenge in trying to balance delivering a project (Valentine dance), engaging and influencing their stakeholders (a whole school of students, teachers and the principal), and keeping a clear head...all while Cupid is circling above. Important lessons are given for children - and adults, too!"
Tony van Krieken, PMP, MA

"Gary’s ability to explain projects, project management and key concepts in an easy to understand and interesting way is just amazing. He has figured out the formula to teach crucial life skills to young adults and have them eagerly participate. Soon we will all be asking “What would the project kids do?”
Stephen Nosal, President Elect, Project Management Institute New York City Chapter

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