1. The Ultimate Tree House Project

ISBN: 978-1482558135 (Paperback, 220 pages) March 2013

Ages 9-12

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10 year old best friends Ben, James, Tim & Tom find the perfect tree in a forest near their school and begin to build the Ultimate Tree House. Things start with a bang, and get even worse when Ben's sister Amanda discovers them working on their secret tree house. Next thing they know, the girls are building their own - in the same tree - and it looks even better than the boy's! How are they doing it? What is their secret weapon? After the accident, everything changes and the boys are forced to team up with the girls - as if that would ever work!

This book introduces basic Project Management concepts to children through an entertaining, funny story and simple lessons taught to one of the children by her father who is (of course) a Project Manager. She applies what she has learned and suddenly the girls are leaping ahead of the boys who had just "started building" - without a plan.

Come join this unlikely band of tree house builders - four girls, four boys - as they end up working together to try and complete the Ultimate Tree House Project!



‘Children are our future it is said, and projects are our business future. In creating the Project Kids, Gary combines these two to provide an entertaining and educational platform for the kids of today (and project managers of tomorrow).’
Peter Taylor, The Lazy Project Manager

‘I liked it and if I wanted to build a tree house I would get my Dad on the team as well and do it properly.’
Scott Taylor (age 10), son of The Lazy Project Manager

‘In this book, Gary Nelson gives us a kids-eye view of project management, making Project Management accessible to kids.  The resulting romp through a project results in a read that will be valuable for parents who want to instill the importance of planning in their kids – or for any grown-ups who simply want to give their kids a flavor for what their workday projects are like.  So climb up the tree house and enjoy the kids-eye view of project management.’
Rich Maltzman, PMP, Co-Author of Green Project Management, PMI Cleland Award for Literature, 2011

‘I really enjoy this book, both as a parent and Project Manager.  Watching my daughter immerse herself in the story and seeing her really appreciate the value of working together and appreciating everyone's strengths was something very special for me. Well done!’
Tony Adams, PMP, MPM – (43)

‘I love this book and was hooked from the first chapter!  Cool characters and a storyline that really draws you in!  I also like understanding what my dad does more. Thanks Gary and I can't wait for the next story!’
Talia Adams – (age 10)

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