2. The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever!

ISBN 978-1493552979 (Paperback, 236 pages) March 2014
Ages 9-12
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With last summer’s adventure in the Ultimate Tree House now a fading memory, Amanda is finding it hard to adjust to Middle School. New faces, new teachers, stuck in a different class than her friends - and if that wasn’t bad enough, now she is a “little kid” again. How much more of this could she take?

Meanwhile, Ben is on top of the world and enjoying school with his friends. His sister is in a different school and finally out of his hair - life was great!

All of this changes when a surprise announcement brings the Project Kids back together in a two-school competition to build the best Halloween display. Armed with Vampires, Goblins, Zombies, Ghosts and the lessons they learned on their previous adventure, it seems like there is no way they can lose!

This book builds on the Project Management concepts learned in The Ultimate Tree House Project, with a few more key lessons to help them handle more complex projects. Forced to handle constant changes, near-disasters and an immovable deadline, it is going to take their very best to get their project completed on time.

Join the Project Kids as they embark on their bravest adventure yet – to build the Scariest Haunted House – Ever. The kids get started on the project and soon learn that it is not just Haunted Houses that can be scary!


“The Scariest Haunted House Project-Ever is a fun and educational read for children. It puts the practicalities of project management into a tangible format for children to begin to understand. It is a great resource for classroom teaching on the many facets of project management.  I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a fun read or to teach their children valuable project management skills.”
Natalie Smith, Year 6-7 Teacher, Puketaha School

"The choice of a scary story is very appropriate and attractive for young readers, and will generate a good mix of positive emotions and curiosity. Thanks to the use of the project language and tools, the steps of building a haunted house are visualized in a very instructive and intuitive way."
Walter Ginevri, President of the PMI Northern Italy Chapter, Designer and promoter of the "Projects from the Future" classroom program

"This book is so fantastic I read it all in one go! I couldn't put it down.'"
Adara Burns, age 9

"This is not a simple bedtime story, but instead, one that really requires children to work on and discuss together. I really hope that children who read this are inspired to get together in their classrooms and talk about it. What a wonderful learning aid for teachers and parents - to me, that is its enduring value. Once again, thanks for writing a book that I was able to share with my daughter."
Tony Adams, Project Manager

“I really enjoyed this book!  Amanda is still my favourite character and I loved reading about her again.  I also liked getting to know Principal Moldiva - the creepiest teacher ever!  This was a fun story and I enjoyed reading it with my Dad. We had a good time talking about the planning part together until it all made sense.  Just like the first book, this story helps me understand more about what my Dad does at work! Thanks Gary!”
Talia Adams - (age 11)

"The second fun adventure for the project kids sees them tackle a scary project, but proves that project management is nothing to be scared of if you take it step by step."
Peter Taylor, The Lazy Project Manager

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