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Our mission is to help children develop essential life skills through Projects. More specifically, developing basic Project Management skills by learning how (and how not to) do fun projects, as they follow the eight Project Kids throughout their late primary and middle school years.

The series starts with The Ultimate Tree House Project, followed by The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever!, the The Amazing Science Fair Project and The Valentine's Day Project Disaster.  The Easter Bully Transformation Project is now available.

Read more about the series, find out how the books may fit into your classroom curriculum, and more importantly, have some fun!

This site is tailored for children, parents and teachers, and provides resource information and a children's-level primer on some Project Management concepts. The books are written for children ages 9-12 (and parents too!).

Most of the site content is open and accessible, but you will need to subcribe to the newsletter in order to access the downloads (worksheets and templates, etc). Signing up is free, and the resources are free for personal and educational use. Register here now.

We hope you enjoy the series, and we would love to hear what you think!

PS: A note on comments and sharing: as this is a kids-and-adults shared resource site and we want to keep it safe for all, there is no public commenting on topics or pages within the site itself (although you can vote on things, and send direct feedback to us privately). If you would like to share your thoughts with others aroud the series or your experiences on projects, please use our facebook page. (Note that there are specific pages per book as well).

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